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What's Coming Up 

I am so excited to introduce our new Wildly amazing shampoo line. 

Two years ago while attending a grooming conference I ran into a poodle breeder with the spark for educating fellow groomers about the products that performed so amazingly on her show pups. IV San Bernard is made in Italy by a team of passionate creators that strive with the idea of improving a dogs coat by a nutrient based absorption.

For all that know Crux, she has a beautiful black mop of fur, but does suffer from allergies and some hair loss in certain locations. After using our new Wild program for the last year I am so happy to see new sprouts of hair growing in and her allergy flaring being under control again! 

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Do you want to Try something new with your dog?

The world of dog sports has so much to offer, now more than ever. Dogs have the yearning desire to work and please us, why not put that energy into a fun sport that you and your teammate can enjoy? 
Barn hunt is a newer sport to BC with trials and training in agassiz with the Fraser Valley Ratters barn hunt club. Info on getting started is just an email away.
Did you know? 

Dogs have 300 million smell receptors in their noses, compared to our measly
 6 million. 



Have you caught Doodle Fever?

We love our doods here at Chauvet and want to help new doodle owners start their grooming carrer off right. 

Puppies should experience as much grooming in their home environment as possible to help them desensitize for their first visit to the salon. (This goes for all breeds)

What does that mean?
Having lots of positive experiences in the home with the brush, bath, and blowdryer.  Reward with lots of treats and praising them from a young age will help their confidence with our professional level equipment.

Brushing everyday from 8 weeks old (even if they dont need it) will help them build a routine and make that tedious task of brushing a full adult coat a breeze. 

Play in the tub! when bath time comes around, throw some toys in with lots of treats to make it fun and light, and most importantly take your time and HAVE FUN.

Blowdrying is the number one thing dogs are afraid of at the grooming salon. At home if a puppy is afraid of the hair dryer when you turn it on, take it one step at a time.  

Leave it on in the room or vicinity of the pup while rewarding with treats or play.  If it's still too scary, make more distance between the dryer and pup. If they are ready to move forward, move the dryer closer every day until contact is made. Always keep it positive!

Note: It can be very easy to tease a dog with blowing air. If your pup is biting at the dryer or air, redirect with toy or treat. It may seem cute but it is actully harder for them to understand the positive connection with the dryer when the stress of teasing is involved. 

Doodle Pricing 

Doodles can start at $80 and go up to $150
We charge doodles accordingly to the time and skill that is required for the cut.
(Smaller than 40lbs can be less then $80)
​​ We will do some de-matting brush out but if its to the extent of being painful and potentially causing a bad experience for the dog we will not continue. 

It is so important to keep them brushed out. Everyday or every second day, a metal comb should be able to brush snag free through the coat. 

A general rule of thumb is the shorter the coat the less maintenance and the less the groom price will be. The longer the coat, the more time to brush it out is required. A longer fluffy cut is considered a handscissor and will take skill and time which will bring your groom price up. 

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