What's Coming Up 

I am so excited to introduce our new Wildly amazing shampoo line. 

Two years ago while attending a grooming conference I ran into a poodle breeder with the spark for educating fellow groomers about the products that performed so amazingly on her show pups. IV San Bernard is made in Italy by a team of passionate creators that strive with the idea of improving a dogs coat by a nutrient based absorption.

For all that know Crux, she has a beautiful black mop of fur, but does suffer from allergies and some hair loss in certain locations. After using our new Wild program for the last year I am so happy to see new sprouts of hair growing in and her allergy flaring being under control again! 

Holy smokes what a wild ride this last year has been for our tracking dogs. We have been committing to training early mornings, dark evenings, pouring rain, and even icy snow. It was all worth it to feel the pure moment of excitement when our girls found that hidden leather glove at the end of their track. Completly blind in a feild only relying on our their amazing noses. Congratulations Piper and Crux!
Did you know? 

Dogs have 300 million smell receptors in their noses, compared to our measly 6 million. 

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