30,000 years side by side 

Chauvet represents a partnership. What we have taught them is as highly valued as what they have taught us. 

Puppy Patience

Puppies should begin working on grooming behavoirs right away at home before they come to the salon. Make brushing, blow drying and bathing at home a fun game with lots of treats and praise.

Fun Grooming Fact

There are two main types of coats;​
Hair and Fur 
Hair will keep growing and require daily brushing and regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Fur is a double coat; Under coat and top coat. Fur dogs shed frequently and require brushing reqularly and professional baths once every 3 - 4 months. 

Kitty Cat Knowledge

Cats are the masters of grooming, But somtimes as they get older or if a stressful event occurs, cats will stop grooming themselves. While petting your kitty make sure to feel for knots and mats. Its better to come to the groomer sooner then later to avoid a stressful or painful visit.
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No Kennels. No Rush. No Stress

Chauvet Grooming 

Chauvet Grooming is a unique one on one experiance for your pet. Comfort is key when it comes to grooming and thats why we dedicate ourselves to making your loved one's visit as stress free as possible. We strive to generate a calm, quiet salon that ensures that pets can feel safe to be themselves.


Team Work




Happy Pets

Meet Our Staff

  1. Michelle
    We are so lucky to work side by side with these fluffs everyday. Grooming is much more then a service; it's a passion. - Michelle
  2. Michelle G. (MG)
    I have always loved animals. It's strange to think of a day in the life without them. My shadow just isn't a shadow without fur. -MG
  3. Lizzie
    Dogs are the best kind of people. They are always one step ahead to help with a head on the knee or in Peanuts case a paw to my face. That girl's wild! -Lizzie
  4. Danielle
    I feel like I even though I have been grooming for 20 years, I never really understood how special dogs are until I got Piper. She is excited to try new things, starts the day with a smile, and is a all round best friend.
Our Adventures

Meet Our Clients

  1. Michelle is the best groomer in town! My dog Lucy loves going to see her. She is so patient and has great hours! We will be back again and again!
    Lisa Gendron
  2. Personal service is key. I have dogs with very specific cuts. Michelle has worked with me over time to ensure the dogs look correct when they're groomed. Many groomers lapse into old habits but I've not had this experience here.
    Nancy J
  3. This groomer is fast and efficient. She also does not keep the dogs in crates but let's them run free. There're enter carefully. Best call before going there to make sure they are open.
    Vicki Starfire
  4. Excellent! Took my dog in here for the first, got an excellent cut, and a really great price. Super clean shop, friendly groomers.. I think I've found my new favorite groomers.
    Matt Bellamy
  5. Michelle is amazing with dogs. Our puppy went for his first bath, blow dry, face trim and nail grinding and was happy throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend Chauvet Grooming.
    Cathy H
  6. So great! Quick appointment and my kitty came out a lion! They were super nice and such a cute "spa"
    Sam Leeson
  7. Was able to walk in and get a nail trim for my pet right away. The girls that were working were also very sweet. Prices are also very good
    Queena Wong

No Kennels.No Rush.No Stress